Vertical Hollow Shaft Motors are specially used for Vertical turbine pumps. The unique design makes them easy to install & maintain. Motors are provided with a Non-reversible ratchet that prevents the reverse rotation of the motor, if any backflow of water or phase reversal.

The Vertical Hollow Shaft Motors have been designed to drive deep well turbine water pumps for drinking water as well as irrigation.


  • Output Range(KW) - 15 TO 250
  • Pole - 2/4/6
  • Frame Size - 160 TO 315
  • Rotor Type - Cage
  • Voltage(V) - 220/380/415/690
  • Frequency(Hz) - 50/60
  • Insulation - F/H
  • Enclosure - IP21/IP23
  • Cooling - IC01
  • M/G - IM3239HS
  • Standards - IS:325


  • For Vertical Turbine Pumps - Irrigation Projects, Power/Steel/Cement, Paper Industries


  • Specially designed for Vertical Turbine Pumps.
  • Easy Installation as maintenance.
  • Permanent shaft alignment.
  • Well Protected construction.
  • High thrust Capability.
  • Rugged design.
  • Anticlockwise direction of rotation looking from top of the motor.
  • Non-reversible ratchet, which prevents the reverse rotation of the motor due to the back flow of water or phase reversal.
  • Motors are provided with bearing ample thrust capacity. Bearing are capable of taking the entire thrust load of the pumps shaft assembly & the water column.
  • Metalic fans for effective cooling in shorter cycles.
  • A unibake component painting system at controlled atmosphere ensures quality finish, scratch and durability.

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