These Chemical pumps are used for various applications in Chemical Process Industries, Petrochemical, Nuclear, Refinery, Paper and Power Plants etc. Pumps are suitable for handling Corrosive Acids, Alkalis, Salt Solutions, Caustics, Hydro Carbons, Oils, Thermic Fluids, Liquefied Gases, Condensates, Viscous Liquids etc. 

The constructional features of these Chemical pumps are as per DIN 24256 and ISO 2858 and generally conform to API 610 (7th Edition) the design is of back pull out type.

Dosing / Metering Pumps

The Dosing & Metering pumps are essentially used in dosing of chemicals, alkalis & acids. It has Metering accuracy almost independent of back pressure.

Stainless Steel Pumps

Its salient features include a Back pull-out design with Enclosed, Semi open impellers. It is Conforming with DIN 24256 and ISO 2858; generally conforming to API 610.

Polypropylene Pumps

A Polypropylene Pump is a chemical pump which is specially designed for highly corrosive chemicals. These Pumps are either available with open or closed type impellers

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