Gear motors are drive devices that combine an induction motor and gears, and have an added reduction drive mechanism. 

The reduction drive gear ratio can increase the torque by reducing the speed of the motor’s output shaft. This technique enables relatively large torques to be extracted from small-capacity motors. 

Our Gear Motors can be selected to match various operating environments, such as waterproof, dust-proof and low-noise types. Mounting space has been reduced to make the motors suitable for applications requiring smaller and lighter equipment.


  • Output Range(KW) - 0.4 to 90
  • Gear Ratio - 1.4:1 to 16200:1
  • Max Output Torque - 11000 Nm
  • Shaft Orientation - Horizontal/Vertical
  • Mounting - Foot/Flange
  • Motor Frame - IEC Standard


  • Compact and Light Weight
  • Reduced Mounting Dimensions
  • Low Noise and Vibration
  • Synthetic Grease Field
  • Suitable for Any IEC Standard Motor
  • Dimensionally Interchangeable with other International Brand
  • High Reliability

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