Mill Duty Dc Motors are offered at New India Electricals ltd specially designed for Steel Mill Drive applications. Motors are also used in Overhead Cranes & Cement Mill Drives. Motors confirm AISE technical report. Motors are supplied with full speed, half speed and quarter speed designs based on requirement.

 These Mill Duty DC motors are also suitable for operation with the latest generation of thyristor converters.  The fully laminated stator design of the motors permits a very high rate of change of current, meeting the steel mill requirements of high dynamic response and repetitive overload capability. 


  • Output Range(KW) - 1.5 TO 970
  • Frame Size - 802 TO 824
  • Duty - S1/S4/S5
  • Armature Voltage - 110 to 1100V
  • Excitation Voltage - 180 to 360V
  • Insulation - F/H
  • Enclosure - IP23/44/54.
  • Cooling - IC01/06/17/37/0041/066/W37A86/44
  • Mounting - B3(Foot)
  • Standard - AISE 802-824


  • Steel Mill Drives
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Cement Mill Drives


  • Conforming to AISE technical report no. 1-1991 / IPSS 1-03-002-94.
  • Full speed, half speed and quarter speed designs available.
  • Suitable for operations up to 500 volts.
  • Suitable for operation on 3 phase, 6 pulse thyristor converter.
  • Class ‘H’ insulation with class ‘F’ temperature rise limits.
  • Armature class ‘H’ with VPI in solvent less polyesterimide resin.
  • TIG welding of armature coil connection to commutator.
  • Split / Non split yoke without compensating winding or non-split laminated yoke with compensating winding. However, split yoke is preferred for 808 & above frames and compensating type for 812 & above frames.
  • Replaceable shaft.
  • Double shaft extension 1:9.6 taper with key way paralle to taper as per AISE or 1:10 taper with key way parallel to shaft axis as per IPSS.
  • Convertible between TENV & TEFV enclosure or with top mounted blower unit.
  • Loose hanging leads or terminal box as required.
  • Axial play of 3 mm approximately of shaft.
  • Brush position of 45 deg. For easy access for maintenance (except in case of laminated yoke version).
  • Motor mounting dimension can be matched to replace 600 series motors to AISE or Russian standard.

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