Polypropylene Pump is a chemical pump which is specially designed for highly corrosive chemicals. These Pumps are either available with open or closed type impellers. These pumps are compatible with 95% of aggressive chemicals. It is Single piece with a unique design. It has an Anti-rotation impeller unlocking system with a rotatable universal flange. It is available in Monoblock or Coupled set.

Our range of Polypropylene Monoblock Pumps are designed and manufactured by our team of technical experts who have an in-depth understanding of the components and the functional features of these pumps.



  • Delivery Size - up to 50 mm
  • Capacity - up to 60 m3/hr
  • Head - up to 68 meters
  • Power rating - 0.37 kW to 15 kW
  • Material of Construction - All contact Ports of Polypropylene level/ Polvinylidene flouride.(PVDF)


  • Chemicals
  • Acids
  • Alkalies
  • Electrolyte
  • Effluent


  • Pumps are available with open and closed type impellers.
  • Impellers are of three piece design integrally moulded.
  • Base shaft is EN8.
  • Compatible with 95% of aggressive chemicals.
  • Single piece unique design.
  • Anti-rotation impeller unlocking system.
  • Rotatable universal flange.
  • Available in Monoblock/Coupled set.
  • Custom built designs for specific / special applications.
  • Skewed rotor construction & dash ensuring low noise.
  • Vacuum pressure impregnation for armature winding- ensuring high insulation strength.
  • High Dynamic response.

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