Power⁺ F3O | Outdoor SF6 33kV

The Power⁺ F3O are an Outdoor 33kV SF6 Switchgear Panels of current ratings from 1250A to 2500A. 

Outdoor Panels are of Kiosk Type construction with double doors in the front. The Rear door that is both hinged and bolted for safety. 

Adequate slope given on roof top to drain rain water. Robust weather and dust proof IP55 degree of protection externally and IP2X between compartments.


  • Panel - SF6 Outdoor Kiosk Panel
  • Breaker - SF6 breaker (HPA)
  • Supply voltage - 33KV
  • Rated current - 1250A, 1600A, 2000A
  • Short time current rating - 26.3
  • Degree of protection of panel - IP 4X, IP5X
  • Sheet Enclosure - i) Prime grade sheet steel treated with 7 tank process and duly powder coated for longevity OR ii) Supergalum Pre- coated Alu-zinc enclosure
  • Busbar - Electrical grade Aluminium or 99.9% Oxygen Free Copper
  • Relays - Numerical, Electromechanical relays for Feeder, Transformer, Bus, Motor and Generator protections can be provided.
  • Metering compartment - Is designed such that meters, indicating equipments, Relays are arranged to make maintenance and operation easy.
  • Current / Potential transformer : i) Resin cast transformers designed for low smoke and flame-retardant. ii) Ratios, Accuracy & burdens as per requirement.
  • Standard dimensions of panel (Estimated) - W: 1316 mm D: 2300 mm for Incoming / Outgoing panel and 3000mm for IN/OUT type of panel. H: 2500 mm


  • Breaker - IEC 62271-100
  • Current transformer - IS 2705/1992 and IEC 60044-1
  • Potential transformer - IS 3156/1992 and IEC 60044-2
  • Busbar - IS 5082 for Aluminium
  • Sheet Steel - IS 513
  • Cables - IS 694


  • Kiosk Type construction With Double door in the front shall be provided.
  • Rear door is both hinged and bolted for safety.
  • Adequate slope given on top roof to drain rain water, dust & Particles.
  • Robust weather & dust proof – IP5X degree of protection externally & IP2X between compartments.


  • Modular & compact for better strength and flexibility in extension.
  • Fully Compartmentalized construction for optimal safety and protection
  • For compactness in panels rated upto 2000A special bus raiser panel is provided with bus coupler panel extended in the rear side.
  • IP4X degree of protection is provided externally & IP2X between compartments.
  • Our design enables adequate space for large cable sizes. Even larger cables and additional runs rear extension is provided for cost effectiveness.
  • Independent exhaust vents for all HT compartment are provided for natural cooling and exit for any flue gasses.
  • Dedicated Circuit breaker compartment as per internationally proven ABB design.
  • Cassette mounted ABB Circuit Breaker with draw out feature for easy maintenance and fail-safe safety.
  • Live parts covered by automatic metallic shutters when breaker is racked out.
  • Electrical anti-pumping design avoids mishaps due to mishandling of the breaker.
  • Additional feature includes a separate Racking in/out mechanism which is provided in the breaker which can change from “test” to “service” positions and vice versa with the cubicle door closed.
  • Only Branded and type tested sub components are used in our panels.
  • Current and Voltage transformers are placed in chamber below Circuit breaker to avoid any kind of flashovers which may damage the breaker.
  • Wiring done with flexible copper cable affirming to IS 694 for Longitivity and Durability.
  • Optional integral earth switch can be provided on the cable side for Earthing.
  • We provide Foundation frame as standard supply
  • All hinged doors are provided with gaskets to keep away dust and water from the electrical components.
  • Breaker trolley shall be given along with the breaker panel for maintenance.

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