We offer a complete range of Power Management & Monitoring systems which are an extension to the panels offered by us. 

Products include Neutral Grounding Resistors, Relay & Control Panels, and Liquid Rotor Starters for Slipring Motors, Bus Duct Systems etc.

Power⁺ N | Neutral Grounding 66kV

We offer the Power⁺ N range of Neutral Grounding Resistor (NGR) Panels up to 66 KV.

Power⁺ M | Motor Contractor Panel

We offer the Power⁺ M range of Motor Contactor Panels. All Panels are of Modular in Design to provide maximum flexibility and compatibility with high strength and functionality.

Power⁺ R | Control & Relay 230kV

We offer the Power⁺ R range of Control & Relay (C&R) Panels up to 230 KV. Our in-depth understanding, knowledge & experience of power systems enable our team of engineers to design and manufacture these critical panels with much ease.

Power⁺ B | Bus Ducts 12kV

We offer the Power⁺ B range of Bus Ducts of up to 12KV, 2000A.

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