HGSX Series pumps are self priming, foot mounting type positive displacement rotary gear pumps. Due to its three piece stainless steel construction, it is easily cleanable and maintainable. It is widely used in all kinds of food industries due to these qualities. Our HGSX pumps are made with SS-316 Gear and shaft that are treated to give long life and trouble free performance. Self lubricating type Teflon coated DU bushes ably support the shaft and Teflon based “GFO” pack sealant which gives zero leakage. 

The mounting brackets facilitate foot mounting of the pump at right angle to the base plate and facilitates easier mounting with Electric Motor of appropriate ratings. These pumps have sturdy design and construction for long trouble free service.


  • Pump Body: SS-316 (investment Casting).
  • Gears: AISI- SS 316 (H. Nitrided) – single Helical Gear.
  • Shaft: AISI- SS 316 (H. Nitrided & Ground). Bush : Teflon coated imported ‘DU’ Bushes.
  • Sealing : Teflon base 1/4.
  • Sizes - “1/4 ‘Z’ pack ” to 2½” (6 different sizes)
  • Capacity - 8 to 300 LPM.
  • Pressure - Liquid up to 11 kg/cm2.


  • All food Grade products like Ghee, Butter, Glycol, Glycerine, Corrosive Viscous Chemicals.


  • Versatile
  • Compact
  • Easily cleanable.

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