Rerolling Mill Duty Motors at New India Electricals Ltd are customized catering to global standards and configurations of the industry.

We offer specially designed Rerolling Mill Duty Motors for various application. Products we provide are rugged, heavy duty, compact, and maintenance friendly. Their shock resistant construction takes care of the heavy mechanical jerks caused due to heavy load cycles.


  • Output Range(KW) - 187 to 2000
  • Pole - 6/8/10
  • Frame Size - 400 to 710
  • Rotor Type - Wound
  • Voltage(V) - 415/550/690/3300
  • Frequency(Hz) - 50/60
  • Insulation - F/H
  • Enclosure - IP23
  • Cooling - IC01
  • Mounting - IM1001
  • Standards - IEC:34-1/IS:325


  • Mill Stands/Mill Drive : Steel-Re-Rolling Mills
  • Cain Crusher/Mill Drive : Sugar Mills
  • Mill Drive : Cement Mills


  • Functional, Rugged, Heavy duty, Compact & Maintenance friendly.
  • Shock resistant construction in cast Iron & Steel fabricated body.
  • Rotor is specially designed with tight-bar-in-slot construction with taper section to obtain adequate stating torque & critical load factors.
  • Stators & Rotors are flood impregnated with polyester resin varnish to ensure longevity of protection against chemicals and moisture.
  • A high carbon, hard steel shaft with a large cross section provides, strength with minimum deflection & vibration.
  • Heavy duty Bearings, Brushgear & Slipring ensure high efficiency even under severe operational conditions.
  • Design ensures efficient ventilation & heat transfer from windings & cores. Can offer IP23/IC01; IPW 44/IC01; IP55/IC61; IP55/IC66; IP55/IC81
  • Terminations are provided in a large box to ensure full electrical clearances & insulations.
  • Use low-loss magnetic core stamping & high conductivity copper conductors (solid & wire) for windings, with class B/F insulation.
  • With a design that has proved itself over 3500+ machines that have been deployed in the last 50+ years clearly this is the choice for all suitable applications.
  • Can take and sustain high number of sudden overloads.

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