AC Motors ! 

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You’ve come to the right place. Our range of AC Motors include right from the smallest to the largest customized ones.
We offer various categories of tailored motors and cater to global standards and configurations of the industry.
Our Range:

High Voltage Motors

New India Electricals offer a wide range of specialized high voltage motors for applications in Power, Steel, Sugar, Paper and other industries.

Rerolling Mill Duty Motors

We offer specially designed motors for Re Rolling Mill Applications. Products we provide are rugged, heavy duty, compact, and maintenance friendly.

Open Type Cage Motors

Cage-Open Type motors are specially designed for a very safe environment with IP23 protection. Motors are offered in Low Voltage & High Voltage variants.

Wound Open Type Motors

Our SlipRing motors are one of the most robust designs. Special care is taken to ensure the quality of the Slip Ring. A Brush Gear arrangement also ensures trouble free operations and long lasting brush life.

Wound Close Type Motors

Our Wound closed type motors have an additional enclosure construction that makes it very safe to use in dusty environments too.

Flame Proof Motors

Our Flameproof Motors also referred to as Explosion proof. They are manufactured under the strictest guidelines and are approved by Indian notified body (BIS/DGMS/PESO).

Non-Sparking Motors

New India offers a complete range of Non-Sparking and Increased Safety motors. These motors for use in hazardous areas that are normally encountered in Petrochemical, Refineries, Mines & Chemical Industries.

Crane Duty / Slipring Motors

Considering the critical nature of the application, motors have been built to last long and are Robust & Rugged for any given environment.

Vertical Hollow Shaft Motors

Vertical Hollow Shaft Motors are specially used for Vertical turbine pumps. The unique design makes them easy to install & maintain.

Roller Table Motors

The Roller Table motor housing is specially designed with Ring Ribs for all-round cooling even at low speeds and to reduce dust accumulation.

Closed Cage Type Motors

Motors are Energy Efficient, LV Aluminum & Cast Iron range with outputs from 0.18 kW to 375kW in frame sizes 63 to 355.

Cooling Tower Motor

Cooling tower motors are specially designed flange mounted motors in totally enclosed construction to suit air conditioning & refrigeration industries.

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