Closed Cage Type Motors are Energy Efficient, LV Aluminum & Cast Iron range with outputs from 0.18 kW to 375kW in frame sizes 63 to 355. Our motors have withstood many applications having adverse operating conditions including Repeated Starting, Occasional Overloading & Other Severe Conditions & Applications.

These Closed Cage Type Motors are a specific kind of induction motor, which use the electromagnetic induction effect to transform electrical current into rotational energy


  • Output Range(KW) - 0.09 to 18.5
  • Pole - 2/4/6/8
  • Frame Size - 63 to 135
  • Rotor Type - Cage
  • Voltage(V) - 220/380/415
  • Frequency(Hz) - 50/60
  • Insulation - F/H
  • Enclosure - IP55
  • Cooling - IC411/IC416
  • Mounting - B3(Foot)/B5(Flange), B14(Face) B35(Foot Cum Flange), B314(Foot Cum Face)
  • Standards IEC 34-1/ IS:325


  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Compressors
  • Crushers
  • Machine Tools
  • Material Handling
  • Textile
  • Conveyers
  • Cranes


  • Inventor Duty.
  • IE2/IE3/EFF1/EFF2 Motors.
  • Energy Efficient and therefore are ideally suited for power intensive, process and other industries.
  • Class “F” insulation with class “B” temperature rise limit.
  • Suitable for DOL starting up to 100 frame and DOL / STAR-DELTA for 112 and above frames.
  • High Starting and pullout torques.
  • Low Noise level with 85 dB [A] at 1 metre and conform to IS : 12065.
  • Low vibration levels conform to IS : 12075.
  • Foot / Flange [ Both ‘B’ & ‘C’ type] mounting with single / double shaft extension.
  • Suitable for flexible direct coupling or belt drives with Load GD2 equal to motor Gd2.
  • Diecast aluminium rotor is designed to withstand the severe forces encountered during starting. Special copper brazed rotors are proved for high speed applications.
  • Optimum fan design for better cooling and minimum energy consumption.
  • Rigidly sealed Terminal Box at RHS of the motor when viewed from Driving End [ other positions can be offered against specific request].
  • Terminal boxes are larger in size with improved aesthetics, sufficient electrical clearances and are sealed against ingress of moisture and dust. Boxes for frames 250 and above are tested for through fault level of 43.7KA for 0.25 secs. Terminal Box can be rotatable 360 in step of 90.
  • Endshields on DE and NDE are identical and can be interchanged, if called for, minimizing the users inventory.

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