Power⁺ B | Bus Ducts12kV

We offer the Power⁺ B range of Bus Ducts of up to 12KV, 2000A. Growing emphasis on the reliability of electrical power systems for industrial and commercial facilities has resulted in increased demand for medium voltage metal enclosed bus duct. 

We provide a solution to this demand with reliable, affordable, and readily available bus ducts.


  • Bus duct is inherently resistant to many of the forces or conditions which accelerate the deterioration of insulated cable in conduit or trays. As a major added benefit, bus duct is often less expensive than equivalent cable installations.
  • Main service entrance bus.
  • Switchgear main bus interconnections.
  • Connections between transformers and switchgear.


  • The housings of our bus duct are fabricated Galvanized sheet steel, Stainless steel or Aluminum
  • All bus bars are fabricated from annealed electrical grade


  • Breather drain provided at regular intervals to prevent condensation of moisture inside the bus duct.
  • Self extinguishing weather & Crack resistant Bus bar supports employed for longevity.
  • Ground pads are provided to simplify field connection of the bus duct to the ground grid
  • Type Tested for BIL & Temperature rise as per IS at CPRI, Bangalore.

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