New India offers an entire range of World Class DC Motors with Laminated Yoke & Solid Yoke in frames up to 710. Motors are designed for various application having constant and variable speed requirements. A complete range of standard motors is available but more than 50% of motors produced are special designed based on application requirements. General applications include Plastic extruders, Printing machines, Steel Rolling Mills, Wire Rod Mills, Apron Feeder, etc.

Laminated Yoke DC Motors

The Laminated Yoke DC Motors can be customised to suit different environmental conditions and it can be designed to fit a wide spectrum of requirements.

Mill Duty Motors

New India offers Mill Duty Motors specially designed for Steel Mill Drive applications. Motors are also used in Overhead Cranes & Cement Mill Drives.

Solid Yoke DC Motors

Solid Yoke DC Motors are used in Steel Mill Drive, Textile Mills, Overhead Cranes & Cement Mill Drives, Mining, and Test Rigs etc.

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