Type HGX

HGX Series pumps are the most efficient and economic range of flange and foot mounting type positive displacement rotary gear pump. HGX series pumps have a single helical shrink fitted gear pair and hardened and grind finished shaft. Ultra bronze sintered bushes ensured smooth running. It is perfectly designed and constructed, which increases the life and performance of the pump. These pumps are similar to the HG type in construction. Thus the suction and delivery connections are available in sizes from 1/4″ to 1 ½”.


  • Body: CI
  • Gears: Alloy Steel – single Helical.
  • Shaft: Alloy steel – Hardened & ground.
  • Bush: Self Lubricated Sintered Bronze Bushes.
  • Sealing: Oil Seal.
  • Sizes - 1/4” to 2.5″ BSP (8 different sizes).
  • Capacity 2.5 to 350 LPM.
  • Pressure - Upto 12 kg/cm2.


  • All General Purpose Viscous fluid like Lub Oil, Paints, Transformer Oil, LDO


  • Sturdy design and construction to ensure long trouble free life with best performance.

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