New Series of Crane Duty Brake Motor offers better performance, light in weight, aesthetically good and reliable. These Motors are highly engineered to cope up with sudden load increase, longer thermal life, higher altitudes and voltage variations. 

These motors can serve as auxiliary motors in rolling mills or wherever intermittent duty drives are required. These Crane Duty Brake Motor are duty type rated motors developing high starting torque with low starting current. The motors are suitable for frequent starts/ stops and reversals.


  • Type - Electro Magnetic Fil Safe
  • Supply Voltage - 230V AC/190V DC/24V DC
  • Duty - S1/S3/S5
  • Torque - 4Nm to 500Nm
  • Service Factor - 1/213
  • Suitable For - AC Motors from 0.18KW to 45KW


  • Integral Brake Motors are suitable for various industrial application like Textile, Machine Tools, Hoists, Cranes, Lifts etc., where instantaneous stopping of the driven equipment is demanded.
  • Motors are fitted with Electro Magnetic Normally on brakes.
  • The electro-magnetic DC brake is mounted on the non-driving end of the motor. The cooling fan is mounted after the brake for better thermal dissipation and cooling of the brake also.
  • Motor connection leads and brake coil leads are terminated in a single terminal box for easy connection, Rectifiers are supplied in loose condition and Manual release is provided


  • When power supply is given to the brake coil, the magnetic field produced by it, pulls the armature plate against spring force making rotor free to rotate.
  • When power supply to the brake is removed, the armature plate will return to its original position instantly and due to axial force developed on the armature plate by the compression spring will not allow rotor to rotate. This will ensure instant fail safe in case of power failure.

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