Type RDMS pumps are heavy duty foot mounting type positive displacement rotary twin gear pumps. Due to four piece stainless steel (SS-316) construction it can be easily cleanable and maintainable. These pumps have a double helical refined SS-316 gear shaft that is nitrated to give longer life. The Double helical gears prevent axial and side thrust which help increase life & performance of the pump. The Teflon coated, dry running DU bush bearing, supported on a bronze wearing plate is placed inside the pump casing.

These Type RDMS pumps are provided with an add-on type pressure relief valve. Additional Steam / Water jacketing construction can be made available to facilitate heating of the pump by steam or thermic fluid etc for pumping special liquids that tend to solidify at lower temperatures.


  • Pump Body: SS-316 Gears: SS-316 Double Helical Shaft: SS – 316 – H. Nitrided & Ground.
  • Bush: Teflon coated ‘DU’ Bushes Sealing: Teflon base ‘Z’ pack.
  • Sizes - ½“ to 6″ BSP
  • Capacity - 12 to 2000 LPM.
  • Pressure - up to 20 kg/cm2.


  • All food grade products like Ghee, Butter, Fruit Pulp etc., Corrosive Viscous Liquids / Chemicals.


  • Built in pressure relief valve
  • Heavy duty
  • Study

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