Fuel Injection Gear

These Fuel Injection Gear pumps are high precision and fuel pressuring type positive displacement internal gear pumps. Pumps casing is of cast iron construction and the gears are alloy steel. These pumps are self priming & produce maximum vacuum, determined by the cavity between the gear teeth. 

These pumps are suitable for liquids up to 500 CST viscosities and up to a temperature of 200ºC. Pumps can be offered in clockwise or anticlockwise directions, as per customer requirements.


  • Pump Body: CI Shaft Rotor: Alloy Steel- H.
  • Nitrided & Ground. Idler Gear: Alloy Steel- H.
  • Nitrided Sealing: Mechanical Sealing.
  • Sizes - ½“ to ” BSP
  • Capacity - 60 to 2500 LPH.
  • Pressure - Upto 35 kg/cm2.


  • LDO / Furness Oil / Kerosene for Burner / Boiler Firing


  • Built pressure relief valve Internal or External Bypass arrangement.

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