CONTAINERISED SECONDARY SUBSTATIONS (CSS) are used for energy transformation in the secondary distribution network from MV to LV or LV to MV.

These are best suited for inter-connections and auxiliary equipment to supply low voltage energy from medium voltage systems. These substations are typically installed in locations accessible to the public and ensure protection for all people according to specified service conditions. 

These are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and secure from vandalism. A CONTAINERISED SECONDARY SUBSTATIONS (CSS) saves space, extra wiring, extra connectivity and above all keeps the location clean and safe.

 The Substation is designed to withstand moisture, dirt and condensation in coastal areas. It is completely lockable in order to prevent unauthorized access. Apart from having obvious advantages such as space saving, plug & play type construction, portability, minimal exposed cabling / wiring etc., our Compact Substations are a very cost effective solution.


  • KVA - UP TO 1600
  • P.V - 3300/6600/11000
  • S.V - 443/550/660
  • Tap - On-Load
  • Vector - DYN11
  • Duty - Continuous
  • Winding - Copper
  • Standards - IEC61330/IEC:62271/IP23D/IP54
  • Contains - Pre fabricated Enclosure Distribution Transformer Medium Voltage Switchgear Low Voltage Switchboard Connectors etc. Natural Air Cooling


  • High Safety.
  • Good Aesthetics.
  • Cast Saving as compared to Conventional substations.
  • Compact size and space saving.
  • Plug and play advantage and zero set-up and Installation time.
  • Enclosure protects internal equipments against environmental Hazards.
  • The compartmentalizes construction prevents accidental to energized areas.
  • Tailored configuration to customer needs.
  • Variety and choices for MV/LV switchgear.
  • Low power loss and low noise transformer.
  • Number of feeders for LV can be customer specific.
  • Easy to install.
  • Modern manufacturing techniques ensure cost effectiveness, relliability and long trouble free performances.

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