Cast resin (dry-type) transformers are offered at New India Electricals Ltd  to minimize environmental contamination and fire hazards.

These transformers are used for indoor as well as outdoor applications. In these transformers, the complete encapsulation of primary and secondary winding in epoxy resin prevents penetration of moisture into windings.Dry-type transformers are those transformers that use air as a cooling and dielectric medium instead of conventional technology of transformers which uses mineral oil as a cooling and dielectric medium.

The coils of Cast Resin Transformers are casted in epoxy under vacuum in a mould to form a void free rigid casting over the coil.


Cast resin (dry-type)

The application of these Transformers is unique and specific, these are installed in 

1. Commercial buildings, 

2. On-Board Vessels, 

3. Malls, 

4. Large Housing Complexes 

5.  Compact Substations consultants 

Now clients prefer these Transformers as they offer a lot of safety, compactness and a clean environment. 


  • KVA - 160 to 10000
  • P.V - 11000/33000
  • S.V - 443/550/660
  • Vector - DYN11
  • Duty - Continuous
  • Winding - Copper Duty Resin Casted
  • Standards - 11171/IEc:60726/ANSI/NEMA


  • Off circuit tap links + 5% in steps of 2.5%.
  • Class F and H insulation.
  • HV Delta connected, LV Star Connected with Dyn 11 vector group.
  • Natural air cooling and forced air cooling.
  • Enclosure – IP 23 to IP 33 and as per customer specifications.
  • Painting shades as per IS and IEC standards.
  • Cable boxes on HV and LV.

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